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Payroll In London, Ontario

Canadian government requirements mean that small businesses often spend an inordinate amount of time performing payroll functions, time which could be spent generating more business and improving existing services. Outsourcing payroll functions allows more effective use of a small business owner’s time. It also safeguards against mistakes by having a qualified financial professional, using the latest payroll software, prepare comprehensive statements. Additionally, as laws are apt to change, outsourcing means having a dedicated professional monitor payroll regulations and incorporate them into your business saving you the hassle of studying up on an issue that leaches time away from generating income.  


We offer customized payroll services to suit your needs which includes the following:


  • Efficient on time e-statements of your payroll checks uploaded to your company platform for downloading
  • Direct deposits
  • Documented accrual reports of employee vacation, sick days, and personal days
  • No worry government tax reporting and applicable payments
  • Helpful monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports including T4 and T4A slips
  • Meticulous upkeep of all your payroll records

Additional payroll services cover:

  • Unemployment claims
  • Child support audits
  • Worker’s comp audits
  • T4 and T4A processing and more…
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