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We embrace the gig economy. 

Although self-employed tax returns can be complex they don't need to cause headaches. Our experienced accountant knows all the boxes to check for our self-employed customers to receive their maximum refund or minimize their taxes. We have a simple protocol that we ask our self-employed clients to follow:

Basic income reporting: Report profits and losses from your business with our easy-to-use online platform. It's a great starting point and lets you know where you stand from the get-go

Personal guidance: Once we know the shape of your business we can get to work in advising you about the industry-specific expenses you qualify for which will allow you to save money.

Technical help: As we upload everything digitally, our tech support team will walk our clients through the process, making sure we have every piece of information needed to help file your Canadian Personal Income tax return. This includes importing all your income directly from your freelance portal — whether it’s Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Shopify, Amazon Seller, or Fiverr. We are fully e-marketplace compliant and love our gig economy freelancers.

Maximize refund: We’ll help you take advantage of every business credit and deduction in the tax code to help you get the maximum refund possible.

Expense tracking: We’ll set you up for the following year by giving you easy-to-follow expense tracking tools to help to stay on top of your mileage, business expenses, and receipts to make next year’s filing even easier.

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